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If so, you may be eligible for non-invasive varicose vein treatment.

What is Venous Reflux?

Are your veins looking enlarged and bulging? You may be experiencing vein disease. Venous reflux, also known as Chronic Venous Insufficiency, occurs when veins fail to circulate blood effectively. Watch the video to learn more.

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Dr. Dembowski keeps me feeling healthy and strong. This contributes to my good attitude and well being. Just can't do without his amazing adjustments. And his staff is so friendly and helpful.
It's a very good and pleasant facility. They take time to listen and give advice of your concerns as far as your health issue. Friendly and very concerned. I enjoy my experience here. The doctors are wonderful, the whole staff are very professional. I always recommend this facility to family and friends.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Yvonne Brown, for your positive feedback and 5-star rating! We're delighted to hear you find our facility to be good, pleasant, and professional. We take great pride in listening to and addressing our patients' health issues with the utmost concern. We truly appreciate you recommending Atlanta Medical Clinic to your family and friends. Thanks for choosing us!
I've been coming here for awhile for my infusion and Ashlee is so caring!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Oscar Johnsom, for your positive feedback and 5-star rating! We're thrilled to hear that you've been coming to Atlanta Medical Clinic for your infusion and that Ashlee has been providing caring service. We appreciate your kind words and look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent care.


We accept most insurance plans for varicose vein procedures.


Equipped with the latest advanced vein treatments that are minimally invasive and designed to provide a painless experience!

Super Fast Recovery

You’ll be amazed at how quickly most of our patients are able to resume their normal daily activities after receiving venous treatments!

15-45 Minutes

Experience a journey free from varicose veins with treatments that can be completed in as little as 15 to 45 minutes!

Why Atlanta Vein Doc?

Atlanta Vein Doc is the leader in providing innovative and minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins.
Our Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) procedure helps alleviate vein pain, fatigue and other discomforts caused by bulky, bulging vessels.
Our mission is to provide our patients with high-quality treatments that are accessible and affordable while ensuring they experience minimal downtime.
We strive to make a lasting difference in people’s lives by helping them regain their natural confidence without having to take time off from daily activities or incur long-term expenses associated with more traditional procedures.
With our revolutionary approach, we envision creating healthier legs for everyone who suffers from vein issues and restoring the strength within individuals so that they can live life on their terms.
Atlanta Vein Doc

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Varicose Veins Untreated

While the appearance of varicose veins can be a concern for many patients, it’s important to address them promptly as untreated symptomatic varicose veins can lead to more serious complications, such as:
  • Infections: Venous diseases can cause leg ulcers, which are breaks in the skin that can be dangerous due to exposure to bacteria and infection.
  • Pain: Varicose veins disrupt blood flow, preventing oxygen from reaching the affected areas and leading to muscle cramps and pain.
  • Bleeding: Inflamed varicose veins can press against the skin, making it more susceptible to cuts and bleeding.
  • Swelling: Damaged valves within the vein walls can cause blood to collect, leading to swelling.
  • Blood clots: Clots can form within the veins and if they detach and enter the bloodstream, they can cause life-threatening conditions like thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis.
Fortunately, varicose veins are easily treatable. However, seeking treatment promptly is crucial in order to minimize the associated risks.
Don’t wait to seek treatment if you’re experiencing symptoms of varicose veins.

About Atlanta Vein Doc

Identify, Treat, and Eliminate

At Atlanta Vein Doc, our mission is to provide the highest quality of care and advance pain relief for those suffering from varicose veins.
Our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to providing a multidisciplinary approach and highly specialized services that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.
We strive to make sure every patient receives an accurate diagnosis, efficient interventions, and advanced varicose vein treatments designed with their health and wellbeing in mind.
Our goal is to reduce physical discomfort as well as emotional stress associated with varicose veins so that patients can continue living life on their own terms.
We believe that varicose vein treatments help bring hope back into the lives of individuals who have been living with varicose veins for too long.
Our vision is helping everyone achieve lasting vein relief through personalized care by experienced specialists who truly understand how painful this condition can be.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your leg has two sets of veins: deep veins, which are located deep within the leg muscles, and superficial veins, which are just below the skin’s surface.

Normally, blood circulates from the feet towards the heart in both sets of veins. However, when someone has venous insufficiency, the blood flows up the deep veins and then back down into the superficial vein. This causes the blood to pool in the superficial veins, leading to bulging and the development of varicose veins. These veins are often bluish or purple in color.

Spider veins are smaller versions of varicose veins. They are red, purple, or blue vessels that are also twisted and turning, and they are typically seen on the legs, chest, or face.

No, varicose veins may develop in deeper areas of the leg where they are not visible. Varicose veins are actually a type of venous insufficiency disease, which can cause various symptoms in addition to the visible veins.

Venous insufficiency disease can result in leg discomfort, ankle and leg swelling, itching, and fatigue. Other symptoms may include tingling, cramping, aching, and a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs after standing for extended periods.

It’s important to be aware of these symptoms beyond just the appearance of visible veins.

In brief, the answer is no. While exercise and wearing compression stockings may provide some relief from the symptoms of varicose veins, typically only medical treatment can effectively eliminate a varicose vein.

If left untreated, varicose veins can progress and become dangerous, potentially leading to venous ulcerations. Complications can also arise, including rashes, infections, bleeding, sores, and blood clots.

In rare cases, varicose veins can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, both of which are life-threatening conditions.

We accept most major insurance plans as well as several others. Please feel free to give us a call for more information on our accepted insurance plans.

Our process for diagnosing varicose veins typically involves three steps:

Consultation – We begin with a consultation where our friendly staff will listen to your concerns and ensure that you receive the best care possible. Our expertly trained team will provide you with care, including a provider and an ultrasonographer on the first visit.

Ultrasound – Following the consultation, we move on to the assessment, where we provide you with an accurate diagnosis. You will receive a same-day ultrasound and results on site while seeing the provider. This allows you to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Treatment Plan – Once we have completed our assessment, we will develop a treatment plan for you. We offer various options such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA), sclerotherapy, pneumatic compression, and more. We will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and outcome goals.

To learn more about our process, please visit our Our Process page or click here.

It’s typical to experience some slight discomfort throughout the procedure. Our team will take all necessary steps to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Following the procedure, patients may experience mild bruising or discomfort in the area where the vein was treated, which usually subsides within 3-4 weeks. Overall, patients typically report minimal pain or discomfort and are able to resume their normal activities.
Patients can typically return to work and normal activities on the same day as the procedure. Our treatments require very little downtime.
Atlanta Vein Doc